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Cats Cradle Boarding
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At Cat's Cradle Boarding, we care for cats in bright, airy suites.

Our guests enjoy soft music, sunshine, and comfy beds.

Each suite has its own window, complete with private enclosed sunning deck.

Most rooms are well over 3 ft. x 3 ft. and 7 ft. high and are ideal for one or two cats and have multiple shelves to lay and climb on.

Several more spacious deluxe suites and grand patio studios are ideal for families and feature additional shelves, perches and cat furniture with scratching post.

We have adjoining suites for families of cats that need more private space from each other or require individual feeding routines. A variety of room combinations for the multi-cat family is possible. Please inquire for further details.
Sunset rooms: wonderful west exposure, sunny afternoons and sunsets by night.
5 suites in the front office area make for a quieter setting.
Four suites suitable for one cat, and one family suite with a south/west facing patio. These 5 private rooms go quickly - book early to guarantee your choice.

The main area is where the action is! Suites facing north, east and south around the perimeter of the room with a play area in the middle. 

(Featuring owner's cats Alvin [top], Mickey [in the Cradle] & Johnny Casper)
Standard size rooms perfect for one cat. Some suites adjoining. Double the space, double the fun (pass though door between the two rooms which can be closed during meals or for quiet time if necessary). Suitable for up to 4 cats or spoil your one and only!

Deluxe suites available offer more space, cubby holes and hiding places, perches, shelves to climb on making it ideal for families from the same household to share.
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