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Proof of current vaccinations and up-to-date boosters  required to board.

Each Veterinarian/Animal Clinic have their own policies and if your cat has generally stayed at home, your cat may not have received all the necessary vaccines the past year to board.

If in doubt about what vaccinations your cat has, consult your veterinarian and let them know your cat will be staying at a boarding facility that has certain vaccine requirements established based on visits from our own local vets who have seen our social setting, sundecks and play area.

We require that cats be current on their FVRCP and Rabies within 2 years. We recommend Feline Leukemia vaccine but understand due to various health or age circumstances your clinic my wish to waive that for your cat.

In order to provide better protection for your pet, vaccinations should be given at least 14 days prior to boarding.

Due to the nature of our facility, we only board FeLV & FIV negative cats.

All pets should be clean and free of contagious diseases, flees, ticks, ear-mites, de-wormed if outdoor cats and have nails trimmed prior to arriving.

Regular Heartworm prevention required for all cats especially if planning to board during seasons the decks and outdoor terrace are in use.

All pets to be spayed/ neutered if over 7 months of age.


   Vaccinations and Health:

Proof of current vaccinations needed on first visit. Thereafter, when your pet receives boosters; present latest record to Cats Cradle to update your file.
Check expiry dates on your records to be sure all vaccines are still in effect prior to boarding.

The following vaccinations are necessary:

Distemper 3-way vaccine (
-Rhinotracheitis (feline viral
-Panleukopenia (feline distemper)
Eclipse/Distemper 4-way vaccine (FVRCPC) includes protection for one other upper respiratory disease called Chlamydia (Feline Chlamydiosis)
* Rabies (indoor and outdoor cats) - within 2 years is sufficient
* Feline Leukemia (FeLV) (indoor and outdoor cats) Recommended but not mandatory, nor advised for elderley cats or cats with health conditions.

If waiving any vaccines for a health condition or age reason, ask your vet to go over the risks involved in waiving and a doctors note should be provided to Cats Cradle.

NOTE: We have a common play area but cats do NOT play with other families unless requested. One family at a time is rotated for playtimes, however it is a very social, open concept with play areas and lattice doors and windows on some suites; so sharing of the same air and space does occur.

Supplements / Procedures / Medications / Diabetes and Insulin:

Feline medications as well as insulin shots can be administered on site. Glucose readings can be provided on site as well and Cat's Cradle reserves the right to administer this service should we deem necessary based on the condition of the diabetic guest. Please let us know in advance, however, if your cat is diabetic, so that we can schedule staff to accommodate your needs.

Medications and necessary supplies for administering to be provided by owner.

Right to Refuse a Pet:

We reserve the right to refuse to board a pet who is ill or has needs that we are not equipped to deal with. Please discuss your pet's needs with us prior to booking!

Grooming and Safety:

Nail Trimming is not included in boarding fees; however through a Mobile Pet Grooming Service, nail trims are offered on-site for $16.00.

Cat's Cradle reserves the right to have the nails trimmed if we feel it's in the best interest of the cats or staff's safety, and will add the charge to your bill. With stays longer than a month or if shipping pet, we strongly advise a nail trim.

What to bring?

* Vaccination Records / Completed Boarding Agreement if not already on file with us or if information has changed since last visit (NOTE: scanned emailed documents welcome).
* Enough wet and dry food for duration of stay (dry in sealable container or bag)
* Treats/other food items you typically provide
* An article of clothing, special toy, or small blanket that smells like home
* Pets own favorite brush and/or comb
* Applicable medications, insulin and needles (one needle per application preferred; if using twice please supply sterilization pads), or items such as hairball paste, soft wipes etc. required to perform requested procedures
* Don't forget the cat! Preferably safely secured in a carrier or tote

We provide food and water dishes, litter and litter pans, bedding, cubbies, blankets for snuggling, toys, cuddles, brushing, play and sundeck time.

At times as a treat or to aid in eating, we use wet canned foods such as Friskies, Whiskas saucy pouches, Fancy Feast, tuna, shrimp, ham, turkey and chicken. If you do not want your cat to have any of these, please indicate upon arrival and bring your own enticers that we can use. As well if they have certain allergies or sensitive stomachs to specific foods, state clearly on the Boarding Agreement.

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